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Birmingham council and MPs demand answers about how many people have been vaccinated

Brimingham City Council and city MPs have written to Health Secretary Matt Hancock called on the Government to publish figures showing the number of citizens vaccinated so far in each parliamentary constituency.

It comes after yhe leader of Birmingham City Council, Ian Ward, said he had learned that the city “has not yet been supplied with any AstraZeneca stock, while current Pfizer stocks are scheduled to run out on Friday.”

The letter was signed by Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell (Con Sutton Coldfield) as well as Labour council leader Ian Ward and Labour MPs including Liam Byrne (Hodge Hill).

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The letter also demanded “a realistic forecast” of how many vaccinations were expected to be administered in the following week, and assurances that supplies of vaccines will keep pace with demand.

The letter stated: “We acknowledge that the vaccination roll-out is in its early days, but we have also learned today that Birmingham has not yet been supplied with any AstraZeneca stock, while current Pfizer stocks are scheduled to run-out on Friday this week with currently no clarity on when further supplies will arrive.

“It remains unclear who is responsible for overseeing the vaccination programme in Birmingham and whom we should hold to account for progress and delivery.

“I am sure you would agree that such a lack of transparency is unhelpful and frustrating.

“As Members of Parliament throughout Britain’s second city we are absolutely clear that we need the following information on a constituency-by-constituency basis and hope that we may look to you as Secretary of State to make sure that we receive it.

“We are also clear that throughout the United Kingdom other Members of Parliament and other local authority leaders will require this information preferably on a daily basis over the coming weeks and months.”

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